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Packing Boxes? Does Moving Your Law Firm Impact Your Rankings?

November, 06 2017
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Jo Stephens

Maybe you’ve decided to change a few of your page URLs. Or perhaps you’ve decided to change domains altogether. If this sounds familiar, then you need to realize what the consequences could be. Your SEO is a crucial part of your clients finding you online. If you don’t use the right strategies and methods, you might lose ground. To avoid common pitfalls, follow the advice about attorney online marketing below:

Does Moving Sites Affect Rankings?

When you move your site to a new domain, or change a URL for a site, it can lose its SEO “juice.” This means that your web page won’t rank as high as it did anymore. This can have drastic consequences, causing you to lose an edge in your market. However, if you do it right, you can save 100% of your organic ranking value.

How to Migrate Without Losing SEO “Juice”

There are a number of best practices to use to prevent your site from dropping in the SERPs. First of all, you should design what is called a 301 Redirect for each page that will be going on the new site. This passes on the SEO value to the new location. Furthermore, make sure that any assets, such as Javascript, images, and videos, are also wrapped in https. If you don’t, you could lose ranking position.

Getting the Right Kind of Help

Law Firm Sites is a legal website development firm that does all kinds of marketing and SEO for law firms. Law Firm Sites can help you make sure you migrate your website effectively. They will ensure the redirects, content, https, and other issues are taken care of before making the big switch.

When it comes to SEO, you don’t want to work hard for a long time just to have the links and SEO rankings diminished. However, this is a risk you take if you try to migrate your site without the proper protocol. Instead of just winging it, always get the professional help you need. Then, you can enjoy your higher rankings that you have built up over time.<>


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