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One Block At a Time: Building Links for Your Site – Part 1

January, 19 2018
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Jo Stephens
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Your website is a great tool for attracting new clients and building your business. Your lawyer website never sleeps, it never takes a lunch break, it doesn’t need vacation days and it always works for you to attract new clients around the clock, even while you are busy!
But having a great website with informative content and intuitive legal web design is only the first piece of the puzzle. You need traffic too.
In this two-part blog series, you’ll learn about the most powerful legal advertising method for increasing traffic to your website. Also, how to include this feature in your own law firm website design. This will help generate more leads so you can convert them into clients.
Your attorneys marketing plan begins with building backlinks to your website.

What Are Backlinks, Hyperlinks and Internal/External Links?

Hyperlinks are words and phrases in the text of an article that, when clicked, will lead to another page on the website. Or, even to another website altogether.
Links that take the reader to another page on the same legal web design site are known as internal links. Links pointing to another website are external links. When another website links to your law website, this external link is called a backlink. This is because it is linking from another website back to your own site.All these different types of links are important. Therefore, you need to build all of them in order to get traffic to your website.

Why Do You Need To Build Links?

The web is growing at an incredibly fast pace. New websites and new blog posts are being created everyday. As more of your competitors are establishing websites and creating content on their sites, it becomes more difficult for your blog posts to rank well and be seen by potential clients.
With millions of web pages already available, and more popping up every day, how do search engines know which ones to rank higher or lower in their search results?In the world of internet marketing, backlinks act like votes of confidence in the site to which the link is pointing. These backlinks help your law firm web site rank higher in the search results. This means that you’ll get more traffic to your site — and more clients.

To learn how to build backlinks, check out Part 2 of this backlink guide here at Law Firm Sites.

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