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Not Tech Savvy? No Worries: WordPress Is For You!

June, 23 2018
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Jo Stephens
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Law Firm Sites with WordPress

Having a business is hard. Running a law firm is even harder. While you can go around hunting for law firm sites, it may not be what you truly envision. That’s where WordPress comes in handy. Whether it’s lawyers website design, attorney website design, or attorney marketing, WordPress makes it leagues easier to manage your own professional law firm sites, without the need for a professional web developer.

Getting WordPress is easy too. Most site hosting services will have an option to install WordPress for you. even offers hosting services. When installing WordPress, you’ll create a login, and choose a theme. The Theme Market will allow you to browse a selection of website styles and designs, allowing you to find which law firm sites reviews the best.

WordPress handles the complicated coding and engineering that a website needs to be functional while adding an extra level of user customization within the website itself. This means you can access your website from anywhere with internet, no physical servers to visit every time you make a change. Simply visit your website URL, followed by /login/ , and you’ll be directed to the login page for your site.

Once your site is installed and you’ve logged in, you can start creating content. The navigational bar on the left of the page sorts your content into its appropriate types, pages, media, posts, etc. Here is where a lawyers website design and attorney website design will shine brightest. Creating a new page will allow you to organize your website with all the appropriate information. Creating staff pages and attorney marketing references on your site is simply a few clicks, and some typing, away. Uploading images and videos is as easy as dragging the image from your computer onto the page your making.

WordPress is a fantastic tool for those who want their law firm sites reviews to rank highly, and you don’t need to hire a professional to do it.

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