New Facebook Update

January 30, 2014
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You may have heard that Facebook is proposing new changes. These changes are to its Data Use Policy and Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. Because of a $20 million court settlement, Facebook has now decided to give its users more “control”. That is, control over their information when it comes to advertisers. Here are some of the changes Law Firm Sites, Inc. thought you should know about.

Facebook Changes:
  • According to the revised Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, each user gives Facebook permission. When they sign up, a user can choose to use his or her name, profile picture, content and information to connect with commercial, sponsored or related content in exchange for advertisers’ payment to Facebook.
  • When kids under the age of 18 sign up for Facebook, they automatically represent that a parent or guardian has agreed to the above terms of permission on behalf the minor.
  • The updated Data Use Policy states that your profile photo will be scanned and compared with your other photos. So, that when friends post a new picture with you in it, Facebook can suggest that they tag you in it.
  • Facebook and third-party integrated apps will now have access to a broad range of your mobile data. Including the use of friends lists to advertise apps that your friends use. In addition, mobile apps are now considered “online services”. And, as such, fall under the same disclosure and transparency regulations that apply to websites. Further, this shift related to mobile devices and apps suggests that Facebook intends to further develop mobile data. Although as this revenue stream grows, Facebook maintains the same legality.

While Facebook’s updates may be a continued source of debate, it is still among the social media giants and as such is a great place to market a law firm.

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