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Myth-buster! 5 Myths about link building-busted!

November, 20 2017
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Jo Stephens
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Link building is an important part of legal advertising that you must consider. Many people are skeptical, though, and have ideas about link building that are not entirely true.

Here are 5 link building myths to think about as you build an attorney website.

1. Directory Links Are All Bad

Not all links that come from directories are bad and invalid. Just like all websites, check the quality of the directory you use. Click on the links to see where they lead to and check the amount of spam.

2. Asking for Links Is Spam

Asking random sites for links is not spam and will not get you penalized by search engines. However, a site can be penalized for offering links in exchange for gifts or services. Always avoid spam as you create a law firm website marketing plan. Having too many links will reduce the quality of your business.

3. Link Building Is Too Time Consuming

Link building is a time-consuming act just like any other marketing technique that works. Similar to building a good law web design, it takes weeks or months to get results. Good results from an SEO plan do not occur overnight. You need the patience and dedication to continue with the project.

4. Linking From the Same Site Is Pointless

This myth depends on the website you use. If it’s a major site that has millions of visitors a month, you should have multiple links coming from different web pages. You can still get a good amount of exposure by linking to one site.

5. Links Don’t Do Anything for the Site

People who believe that link building does not work have never tried it or didn’t do it right the first time. They failed to find the right websites or they did not invest enough time in the practice. SEO experts would not promote link building if it did not work.

Why Professionals Are Recommended

Law Firm Sites include marketers who have built links for many businesses. They include link building as a major part of a successful SEO plan. If you own a legal website, work with an attorneys marketing company like Law Firm Sites to find the right clients for your business.

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