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Long-Tail Content: What is it & Do you need it?

October, 30 2017
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Jo Stephens

When putting together a content strategy for an attorney website, Law Firm Sites knows that long-tail content is extremely important. While this is true, you may not know what long-tail content is or if you need to have it on your custom website design for law firms. This article will explain what this kind of content is. And, why you, most definitely, should have it on your site as an attorney.

A Simple Definition Of Long-Tail Content

Some people use Google or other search engines to look up general information and advice. Others use the internet to find out very specific types of information. The best legal website developers understand that broad search terms that your potential clients might use. For example: accident lawyer, legal advice in my city, or law firms in my city. It is the very specific search queries that yield the best results for driving the kind of traffic to your site that converts into paying clients.

These extremely specific search terms are called long-tail keywords. These types of keywords are what your attorney website will want to produce content around. Some examples of these kinds of keywords might include, car accident lawsuit settlement amount, neck pain after car accident settlement, or settlement for herniated disc in neck.

Why You Should Have A Long-Tail Content Strategy In-Place

Many law firms and attorney sites create their content strategies around the idea that they are competing for the largest keywords in the industry. This is a mistake, and the reason why is because so is every other law firm website out there. While long-tail keywords may bring in smaller amounts of traffic, they are laser targeted. Much less competitive to rank for in Google than larger-traffic keywords, and when your site does rank for them, they bring people who are looking for something extremely specific.

Where Does Long-Tail Content Belong On Your Website?

Law Firm Sites has been putting together custom long-tail content for many years now. They know that one of the best places to house this kind of content is on a law firm’s blog. Along with custom website design for law firms, long-tail content ranks as one of the most important kind of content you should have on your law firm’s site.

By employing marketing experts and writers who specialize in working with attorney websites, Law Firm Sites puts together custom content campaigns that are loaded onto your site’s blog or FAQ pages. This can begin to bring in the exact kinds of clients who are looking for your services.

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