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Lawyer Website Design: The need for Social Media- 5 Misconceptions

July, 28 2015
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Jo Stephens
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Misconception 1:

Nobody looks for legal help on Facebook or Twitter.While you’re right that your potential client’s first thought when they need a lawyer isn’t “I’ll search twitter!” they will go to social media to ask their friends. If one of your clients shares your blog posts on twitter, or tags your firm in their tweets, it makes your firm visible to their entire friend base.

Misconception 2:

Social media is only for kids, not for lawyers. False! Everyone can use social media, and nearly everyone already does. It may have started for teenagers and college students, but it has expanded to anyone who desires an online presence. Any law firm who needs new clients needs to have an online presence.

Misconception 3:

If I have a website, I don’t need any social media. False! Social media is free advertising, and an easy way to direct traffic to your site. Try posting interesting photos with links to your new articles and services. The more people click and go to your page, the better your search engine rankings will become.

Misconception 4:

Social media is tacky. Just because there are tacky people on the Internet doesn’t mean social media outlets are inherently tacky. Stick with the big 4- Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. You can design a clean, professional profile that will be helpful and respectable.

Misconception 5:

I don’t have time to maintain social media. What are interns for, if not to manage social media? Even if you don’t have an intern, having a profile and making 2-4 posts a month will already be far better than nothing. It doesn’t have to be a full time job, and the benefits are worth it. Consider hiring Law Firm Sites, a company that focuses on unique lawyer website design and search engine optimization to write your blogs and make your social media posts for you. Call or email today for a free review of your site and recommendations for improvement.

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