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On the internet today, blogging has become more and more popular. Many lawyers have started to write “blogs” on their own web sites, informing potential clients of recent cases or presenting other useful information. Many lawyers post articles on their blogs to attract visitors to their web sites. Because blogs generate a large amount of keyword-rich text on a variety of topics, blogging allows lawyers to expand their web presence, increase their Internet attorney marketing range, and reach out to more potential clients–something most lawyers are looking for.

What is a Lawyer Blog?

A blog is simply an online list of articles. Blogs are used for a variety of purposes. Lawyers have started to use blogs mainly to post information that could be useful to clients. With our law firm website design and blogging system, lawyers can log in to an online control panel where lawyer blogs can be written, edited, and submitted. These blogs appear immediately on the lawyer’s web site. There is no third party involved–once a lawyer writes a blog article, it is immediately available for viewing by the public.

Law Firm Sites offers lawyers the opportunity to have an easy-to-manage lawyer blog right on your own web page. You’ll be given administrative access to a page that allows you to add, remove, or edit blog listings. You will be able to assign categories to each new blog article, and they will appear immediately on your web site.

Our programmers make it easy for you to blog! If your firm has multiple lawyers, each will have his or her own personalized blog, separate from other lawyers. This is a fantastic opportunity for lawyers to increase their internet marketing.

How does it work?

Search engines, for a variety of reasons, are more likely to index web sites that have dynamic content. If your law firm website design has looked the same for the past year, then chances are your information is old and outdated. By implementing a lawyer blog, you can keep your site’s content fresh and updated. This is valuable for visitors and internet marketing alike. Provide useful information for your clients, and you will be surprised at how your internet presence grows.

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