Law Website Design- How to write Content

June 08, 2015
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Stories and Blogs

When you are planning your law website design, you should consider what will grab your potential clients and keep them on your page. Relatable stories are much more attention grabbing than dry facts. Think back to your more interesting cases. What was it about them that made them compelling? Also think of your most common cases. They are common for a reason. New clients will likely be in similar situations and are looking for someone who will understand. A story that sounds like theirs will give the client a sense of connection and more confidence in your ability to understand their needs. Have a blog section that regularly updates with case stories.


Everyone has questions, and most people ask the Internet for answers. When someone types in a legal question, you want them to be directed to your site. If your site is full of helpful information, the potential client will stay on your page for longer and will be more likely to ask you to represent them. Think of the most common questions your clients ask you when they make their first phone call or come in for their first appointment. Make the answers simple and succinct, and include a “call or come in for a consultation to discuss your case in more detail” invitation along with the list.


Why should you use lists formats for your content?

  • Easier to read
  • Less intimidating
  • Lots of information
  • No fluff
  • Eye catching
  • Answers questions quickly
  • Can be used for nearly anything
  • Need I say more?


Believe it or not, short and sweet is best in this section. We know you want to impress us with your lengthy qualifications, but you run the risk of not being read at all if your page is too lengthy. Try using bulleted lists of your achievements instead of descriptions of each item. Your potential clients will still be impressed by the list and you can always explain more thoroughly once the client is in your office.

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