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Law Firm Websites-Top 3 Biggest Legal Advertising Mistakes

July, 17 2015
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Jo Stephens
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With so much competition for clients, many lawyers believe the only way to set themselves apart from the crowd is with memorable advertising. While a clever, original advertising campaign can be key in gaining name recognition and new clients, make sure you’re being remembered for the right reasons. Much of that is done through excellent law firm websites. At Law Firm Sites, we know how to market your practice in an ethical and effective way, so you can make the right impression on your clients.

Memorable for all the wrong reasons:

What type of lawyer do you want to be seen as? Are you the stalwart, honest, and an unshakable pillar of justice? Will you use the law to defend your clients and believes that the truth will set you free? Or, are you the snake-like, corkscrew lawyer who will bend and twist the tiniest technicalities of the law to help your client beat the rap?

While there are potential clients seeking both types of lawyers, think about how you want to be viewed professionally. While a slogan with shock value might be remembered, is it helping your reputation? Don’t be like this lawyer from Greensboro, North Carolina:

Falsifying your popularity only to crash and burn:

We know how hard it is to get the recognition your deserve, but your professional integrity has to come first. How can anyone trust your legal practice and your understanding of the law if you are breaking the law in your advertising? Don’t be like this attorney, who used photoshop-altered images to give the impression that she was affiliated with rich and politically connected people. Now that she’s been called out, this sad attempt to look popular only makes her look pathetic. Let your case record, achievements, and client reviews speak for themselves, instead of falsifying information.

Glorifying Criminal Behavior:

Now this should go without saying, but you can defend the rights of an accused criminal without endorsing or condoning the criminal behavior they are accused of. A lawyer is someone who should fight for a fair trial and fair treatment under the law. Not someone who should tell the guilty that laws are arbitrary and not worth being followed. You are not only representing yourself in your advertising, but the legal profession and the country that created the laws. Make sure your advertisements make it clear that you will fight for your clients. While having respect for and within the scope of the law. Don’t be this Philadelphia attorney:

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