Why Law Firm Sites Provides Blogs & How They Can Help You

October 03, 2017

Benefits of Website Blogging in Law Firm Marketing

Many clients of law firms, and law firms themselves, are more than surprised when their firms recommend that they create a blog for their website. Some attorneys love the idea, but many do not understand the purpose that a blog may serve for their website. A lot of attorneys feel that they do not have the time and energy to keep an updated blog for their website, or they think a blog is unprofessional for their website. Website blogs are a great way to bring attention to your company.

There are a number of reasons that an attorney would want a blog on their website. The first reason is that search engines like Google love content on your website. With more content on your website, you have more of a chance that potential customers will find your business. Blogs will assist you in showing off your experience and expertise in the legal field through genuine content. A blog will also allow you to showcase all of your successes as well as any rewards that you have received recently. Some of the best attorney websites feature blogs as lawyer marketing.

How to Best Use Keywords in Blogs in Lawyer Marketing

There is a science to using the best keywords for your blog in order to attract potential customers. It is important to know how to use keywords throughout your blog because they will be your main source for attracting new traffic to your page. You should choose just one or two phrases to focus on within your blog posts. Keywords should also be used as the titles of blog posts to draw immediate attention.

How Law Firms Can Help

Your law firm can give you references to a writer that will write high quality, and relevant, content for your blog. The content on your blog should either be written by you, or by someone that has ample experience in your field. Law firm sites should always have credible, and up to date, information.