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Law Firm Sites Celebrates 20 Years

January, 22 2021
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Jo Stephens
Law Firm Sites Celebrating 20 Years

20 years ago, Daniel Todd entered a business plan competition at BYU Hawaii. He thought back to his father’s entrepreneurial endeavors, and he wanted to follow in his footsteps by creating a business for a niche market. Dan was taking a web design class at the time, and his professor said he seemed to have a knack for it. So Dan decided to create a business plan for website designs for law firms since lawyers would always be needed no matter the state of the economy. It would be a stable and reliable market.

Dan ended up losing that business plan competition to a laundromat business plan, but through grit, hard work, and many late nights Dan vowed to grow his business bigger than not only that laundromat company but also the companies of the competition’s judges.

Law Firm Sites started in Dan’s in-law’s garage in between his graveyard security shifts at the hotel down the road. When he decided to focus on LFS full-time, he would keep his 10:30 pm alarm set, to motivate him to create and build a life that was on his terms.

What started as a one-man company in a garage in Hawaii eventually becoming a widely successful company, creating professional websites for law firms all over the U.S. Jo Stephens joined Law Firm Sites in 2007. When they look back at the success of the company, they attribute its growth to automating processes, surrounding yourself with the right team members and delegating to other top-notch employees by following these three mission statement laws of Law Firm Sites:

– Rarely is it wise for two people to stress over one thing – When LFS has a solid process and lives by it, there’s real growth – When we’re each able to focus on our area of expertise and train well, everyone’s happy

Our founder Dan and our CEO Jo look to the future of Law Firm Sites with optimism and have eyes set on another 20 years and beyond.

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