Importance of Mobile Mobility

October 03, 2017

Responsive Law Firm Sites Provide The Best User Experience

A responsive attorney website is necessary for any law firm that has a mobile marketing strategy. With 60 percent of people viewing a website on a mobile device, it is essential to provide potential clients with an optimal user experience. If an individual has any difficulties reading or navigating a website on their mobile device, they will hit the back button and find another website that displays properly on their device. Google’s own research shows that more than 60 percent of the people that had trouble accessing a website on their mobile device, do not return to the site.

Unlike a dedicated mobile website, a responsive lawyer website works on all devices, including desktops. Dedicated mobile sites require another domain. When someone searches for a website on a mobile device, they are redirected to the mobile website. This is a watered-down version of the original website. Responsive sites exist on one domain and there is only one website to maintain. No matter what device or browser a visitor uses, all of the content is there. Responsive websites also adjust to the correct orientation

Using a web design company that specializes in law firm sites ensures that with a responsive design, all of the pertinent information that a visitor needs to make a decision to keep reading is clearly visible. Visitors need to know the law firm’s location, phone number and practice areas right away; they will not waste valuable data scrolling and panning to find the information.

Look Ahead to the Future

Responsive web design for attorneys is the future. Attorneys who have a website designed years ago, before responsive sites were commonplace, need to update their website as soon as possible to avoid losing valuable leads. Half of the people searching for something, such as a law firm, start their search with a mobile device. Can you imagine losing 50 percent of your leads to a competitor?