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How To Create a Blog Post in WordPress

December, 17 2021
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Ben Johnson
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If you’re a law firm and you’re trying to drive traffic to your legal website, then law firm blog posts can certainly be beneficial.

SEO, or search engine optimization, entails ensuring that your legal website turns up at the top of the list whenever a person searches for legal information via Google.  A blog can provide prospective clients with a wealth of useful law-related information. 

Furthermore, law firm blog posts can contribute to your increase in rank online, with targeted keywords to improve your presence on Google.

For instance, if a prospective client performs a Google search on the law and marijuana and your law firm comes up in the first three results, then there is a high chance that the prospective client might choose your law firm for representation.

WordPress: It’s the Way to Go 

WordPress is the most popular and effective Content Management System. Law firms websites and other types of sites notice a huge increase in web traffic by starting and maintaining a related blog. 

Here’s how you can create a blog post in WordPress

Step-by-step Posting Instructions

wordpress login

Step 1 – Login to with your username and password.

wordpress new post

Step 2 – Hover your cursor over ” Posts,” which is located on the left side of the screen, and click “Add New.” If you prefer, you can also hover your cursor over the “New” tab at the top and then click “Post.”

wordpress blog title

Step 3 – Enter a title for your new post. 

content wordpress

Step 4 – Begin your post. The large box below the title screen is where you will type or paste the content of your blog. This can include text, pictures, or whatever you desire. You can take advantage of the formatting tools that are provided by WordPress, such as Bold, paragraph alignment, and more. This will help make your blog post more readable. 

feature image wordpress

Step 5 – Choose a feature photo, which will be shown at the top of your blog post. It will also be the thumbnail of your post, so wherever your post appears, the thumbnail photo will appear as well.

categories and tags wordpress

Step 6 – Enter appropriate tags and categories, which will help readers find your posts while they’re conducting an online search. For example, if your post is focused on DWIs and how an attorney can help, some tags that you might want to enter are drunk driving, DUI, DWI, and more.

wordpress seo yoast

Step 7 – Optimize your post through the Yoast plugin. This is a crucial step to optimizing your blog post to make it findable to searchers. Here, you can edit your slug, title tag, meta description, and get a checklist of ways to improve your post.

wordpress scheduling

Step 8 – You’re ready to publish your post! You can either hit “publish” or save the draft for later to edit or make changes before publishing. You also have the option of scheduling the post in the future. 

So, if you feel that you want to maintain a company blog but you don’t have the time, give Law Firm Sites a call. Law Firm Sites can assist you with blog post creation and posting that will help you become as successful as you desire. 

SEO for law firm websites is very effective, and Law Firm Sites has a great deal of experience making blog writing for lawyers easy and providing assistance to law firms to quickly increase their online presence. 

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