How to Appeal to Family Law Clients Through Your Website

October 08, 2019
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Family law is a complex area of practice and the people involved face many issues with child custody and divorce. As they seek out legal assistance, it helps when they can quickly find an attorney that has experience handling their specific issue. When this information is at the forefront of a website, it makes choosing an attorney much easier and faster.

If you want your firm to be a top choice for interested clients, you should consider maximizing how your website reaches clients. A specialist of law firm websites can help you achieve an increase in clientele and come up with effective family law marketing ideas. Law firm website design is particularly important because it is likely the first way a client is introduced to your firm and the services you offer.

Divorce, Child Support, and Child Custody

At Law Firm Sites, we understand how the use of certain words attracts people to businesses. In matters of family law, divorce, child support, and child custody are common reasons why someone would need an attorney. Given that these issues are highly sought after, they should be stated in some way on the main page. Law firm websites generally have the types of cases they handle mentioned on their home page – often times listed by bullets – to show the experience they have.


In matters of a more personal nature, people like to see that others have had success with a firm before they decide to work with them. As you consider key factors in law firm website design, think of how feedback from previous clients can have an impact on encouraging potential clients to choose your firm.

The professionals at Law Firm Sites can create a website that can increase your number of family law clients. Give us a call so we can show you how we can help.

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Jo Stephens