How Pictures help your Website Today!

November 14, 2016

The first place people search for a lawyer is on the web, so law firms want to get the most out of their websites. An effective way to do this is to add pictures. Pictures can enhance your law website and help attract clients.

When people need a lawyer, they often feel they’re entering a strange and scary new world. They don’t know what to expect or what outcomes to anticipate. Pictures can make the legal process look more human and relatable. Photos of their lawyer at work looking confident can help put them at ease. When they arrive at their lawyer’s office, they feel that they know this person a little already. Also, showing images of the office can make it look inviting and not so intimidating.

A law website may have a lot of new information that visitors need to absorb. Big chunks of text are difficult for many people to navigate, especially in a stressful time. Pictures can break up text and make it much more readable. Pictures can also enhance the points made in the text by illustrating them. For example, if a client anticipates going to court, pictures can show the process he or she can expect as the text explains it. Knowing what may happen ahead of time is a great stress-reducer.

Pictures can drive more traffic to your website. Studies have shown that sites with high-quality pictures get 94% more views than those with just text. Even adding pictures to all-text sites will increase their views 45%. Nowadays, putting keywords and descriptions on pictures will allow Google to search and find them, increasing search engine optimization and ranking. This will bring more potential clients to the site.

We live in a visual age when everyone carries a camera around. Pictures are one of the best ways to relate to potential clients. Let Law Firm Sites help your law firm implement the right picture for the right purpose. That will help make each visitor’s experiences with your site a better one.