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Google SEO Lawsuit

July, 25 2016
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As a company that focuses on law firm website design, development and marketing, we tend to discuss Google frequently. When search engine optimization (SEO) is involved, one must understand Google updates such as Panda and Penguin. As Google is widely recognized as the preeminent search engine, the rules that they put in place must be followed.

Until recently, each time a lawsuit was brought against Google in regards to rankings and listings, the cases were thrown out on the grounds that Google has complete discretion over search engine listings. The courts held that under the First Amendment, Google was protected by the freedom of speech clause.

Recently, as reported by Forbes Magazine, a federal judge in Florida has ruled that the case filed by E-Ventures may proceed. Google petitioned for the dismissal of the case claiming First Amendment protection. Google maintains that they have the right to classify websites as spam and the right to de-list such websites. E-Venture claims that Google unfairly classified all websites associated with E-Ventures as spam in order to force the company to purchase AdWords. They also asserted that the delisting caused irreparable harm to the company.

This is an un-precedent move on the part of the federal judge. The ruling to deny the motion to dismiss the case could not have been worse for Google. Furthermore, the court sided with the plaintiff on basically all issues brought forth. The question that must be answers is what does this mean for SEO?

First, there is no guarantee that the plaintiff, E-Ventures, will win the case. After the trial, if Google wins, the rules and regulations in place will remain the same. SEO marketing will continue forward as it has for the past several years. If the plaintiff wins the case, Google will become more susceptible to lawsuits. Especially when a website decreases in ranking or is delisted.

We will have to wait and see how the court rules on the case before making more speculations about the effect on SEO marketing. The expert law firm marketing team at Law Firm Sites, Inc. will monitor the proceedings to determine how this case may change SEO marketing tactics.

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