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Google Analytics: The 1-Minute Breakdown

May, 04 2015
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Jo Stephens

Are you clueless about what Google Analytics is or what it does? Think you have no time to find out? Think again. We present for you the 1-minute Google Analytics Breakdown:

Learning Google Analytics doesn't have to take forever.

Learning Google Analytics doesn’t have to take forever.

What is it?
Google Analytics is a free Google program you can plug-in to your website that will track the traffic on your site and then break it down for you. It can tell you where visitors came from, where they landed on your site, and where they went from there.

Why do I want it?
Google Analytics information can help you adjust your advertising, your page content, and your page formatting to bring in more clients, help them find what they’re looking for, and usher them to pages where they can trade their money for your services.

What will it tell me and what can I do with the information?
Google Analytics provides a virtual book of information about your site, about which scores of actual books have been written. Here’s the short-list.

How your visitors get to your site. Whether they follow a link from your Facebook page, click on your email advertisement, or type in a search term, Google Analytics will tell you how they arrived. You can then adjust your advertising for maximize efficiency.

Whether visitors have been here before. Unique visitors are almost as important as returning visitors. Knowing both numbers can help you adjust your advertising and your site to bring them in and keep them coming back.

Visitor activity flow. Discover which page is your most common landing page and where visitors go from there. Find out if they’re perusing your content or if they “bounce” out a moment later. Adjust the links you want them to click on next for maximum visual appeal.

Page analysis. Google Analytics will also analyze your web pages to show you which links on each page are getting the most use. Adjust placement and emphasis so that the right links are prominent.

Google Analytics won’t design your website for you, and it won’t do any work to bring you new clients, but it will tell you if your website design and marketing dollars are having the impact you hoped for. Once you have that information, you can make adjustments, then wait and see if the adjustments work. Rinse and repeat.

Law Firm Sites actually will design your website for you, and will also do a substantial amount of work to help bring you new clients. Google Analytics is just one of the tools we use to make sure your site performs like you want it to. Contact us today for a no-pressure consultation and see how we can help your Analytics numbers soar.

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