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Google Analytics & Law Firm Websites

April, 06 2016
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Jo Stephens
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As a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company, we often discuss many different aspects of marketing. We talk about on-page optimization, pay-per-click, Google Ad words, and so many more. Unfortunately, Google Analytics is a highly under-rated tool that many do not know about or understand what it has to offer. I wanted to take the time to explain what Google Analytics offers and how it can help your law firm’s website.

What does Google Analytics Offer?

  • Visitor Information:

This metric breaks down where the visitor is from, how long he or she stayed on your law firm website, if the visitor is a new or returning visitor, and the bounce rate (if they left the page without visiting interior pages).

  • Traffic Source Data:

Taking the visitor information further, this specific metric will outline where the traffic is coming from. The traffic can come from search engines, other websites (backlinks), social media posts, etc. Even more important, this metric will show what keywords were searched that led the visitor to your site. This will give you a great breakdown of what keywords are popular for your website.

Creating an experiment is a great way to see how your website it doing. You can run an A/B test where two pages are tested against each other. Each page is build out and set up in the experiment. Then, each page is randomly used when a visitor enters your site. This allows each page to be tested for the bounce rate and content. Once the experiment is complete, you can use the data to determine if you want to change your website. This is vital to determine which law firm website design will attract the most potential clients. To effectively market a law firm website, one needs to understand who is visiting the website, what pages are being visited, and where the traffic is coming from. In addition, Google Analytics is a great tool that tracks and analyzes that data continually. This allows for us to monitor the site and choose the best way to market your specific law firm website to boost the search engine optimization. At Law Firm Sites, Inc we have the experience to boost the website ranking through SEO marketing, after creating a professional and unique law firm website design for your firm. Finally, contact us for a free quote TODAY!

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