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Google Analytics Breakdown: Making it easy to understand all the SEO jargon – Part 2

December, 18 2017
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Jo Stephens

Read part 1 here.


Back links can be defined as other websites listing your website. This is a very powerful piece in online legal advertising as the search engines are being told that one website is willing to send away traffic to another. That’s like sending a client in your office to another law firm down the street. That weighs heavily when you are doing online marketing for law firms.

Back links also offer the search engines more context clues about your firm. Do you have links coming from major legal resources? Is there a newspaper in Fargo linking to your site? Does CNN have an article about start up firms that highlights yours and links to the site? This is all pertinent information to the search engines and helps create the web as we know it.


Reviews also provide context clues. Reviews have many benefits to your attorney marketing SEO efforts. The content created by reviews is on going and new. This keeps an online conversation going about your firm. Most reviews mention the services and people they interact with as well as location information. All of these details present search engines with significant information about your law firm. Which, in turn, contributes to its rankings.

Google My Business

Google My Business page – GMB for short – is the profile you can create for your firm that displays on the right side of a Google results page. This little profile is a huge resource of material for Google providing the major search engine with vital details like address, hours, phone number, business category (like Law Firm), pictures and of course reviews. Google My Business also feeds into the Map results, so if you’d like to appear below the map then you’ll definitely want to claim your GMB page and add as much information to it as possible.

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