On-The-Go: How to Optimize Your Law Firm’s Mobile Website

January 15, 2018

How to Optimize your Legal Website Design

The conventional advice given to web site owners and developers has traditionally been to set their sites up to follow basic web standards and to target the most popular web browsers in order to reach the widest possible audience.

While that advice is still relevant, there is a new class of device being used to browse the web. Experts from organizations like Law Firm Sites will tell you making certain your site is presentable. This means ensuring both the old and new platforms work. Furthermore, it is more important than ever.

If you plan on attracting and keeping a growing audience for your site, mobile devices need to be a priority. Here are some things to consider.

Half Your Audience

Google estimates six in ten web searches are conducted on mobile devices. It stands to reason quite a bit of web use would come from mobile users, as people have phones and tablets with them all the time. If you don’t approach legal website design properly, the experience presented to your users and potential clients will be less than optimal.

This can result in lower engagement, higher bounce rates and reduced time on site. If your web site is important to your business, this will cost you money in the long run.

Search Optimization

Law firm marketing practically demands prominent positioning in search results. Sites that are not mobile-ready stand a good chance of losing their search ranking for competitive keywords and key phrases. Or, in some extreme circumstances, losing their search engine placements altogether. By and large, search sites prefer to present their users with the best possible experience. Therefore, they are likely to promote sites at the top of their game with quality, speed and versatility.

Making your site look good on mobile devices isn’t just a way of appealing to your guests. It can help improve your site’s visibility as well.

How to Prepare

With a few simple adjustments, experts from teams like Law Firm Sites can at the very least make your site easily readable on mobile devices. Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress also have built-in compatibility with mobile browsers so your information is presented in a manner that takes full advantage of the mobile interface.

There are also technologies like Accelerated Mobile Pages. These will adjust your site’s construction on the fly in order to give mobile users a unique experience. Many of these capabilities can be accessed through the use of CMS plug-ins and premium themes.

For developers who fought their way through the browser wars, the idea of going back to multiple site constructs isn’t encouraging. The good news is browsers have come a long way, and making a site attractive to mobile users isn’t as difficult as one might imagine.

Law Firm Sites can help you create a legal website design that is compatible with all the latest tech. Contact them today and see how they can immensely improve your site!