Future of advertising on social media

April 11, 2013
social media advertising

As social media continues to grow, there have been many developments in terms. Such as, leveraging advertising opportunities for businesses in the past year or so. For example, Twitter is opening up its system to allow advertisers to manage Promoted Tweets from third party dashboards like HootSuite.

Twitter also revealed it costs $200.00 a day to take advantage of a promoted trend with top slot placement on trending topics. What this will all mean for small businesses remains to be seen.

For example, will this make it so that mainly large scale advertisers will have access to the best placements? Ultimately, if that is the case, it could serve to make it less cost effective and more challenging for small to medium sized businesses to advertise on social networks.

When it comes to law firm design, web developers are charged with finding the most suitable ways possible to incorporate SEO to attract target audiences. Part of the process is figuring out ways to incorporate social media into the mix. As well as considering how a law firms website may benefit from content distributed to and from those sites.

Facebook introduced a new paid Reach Generator tool for finding fans through posts that were promoted. The new tool was originally proposed to some of the largest advertisers, in a Manhattan audience.

LinkedIn has a new advertising option that allows companies to place smaller block ads. These ads are on the right in order to promote products and services. However, the most visible ads will remain in banners – which only larger scale advertisers can afford.

Adology issued a report indicating that at least 1 in 5 small businesses are estimated to increase social media ad spend in the coming year. However, if the grand plans recently issued that cater to large businesses come to fruition, it may not be worth it for small businesses to do this.

Content Marketing

Regardless of what happens, every business should focus upon content and inbound marketing techniques to promote their companies. This includes law firm design professionals. Thankfully, the nature of law firm services makes it easy to do this.

The key to inbound marketing on social media networks is to not look like you’re advertising. The way to accomplish this is by offering something of value to draw prospects in.

This is why a law firms website needs to be optimized. It ensures key words and phrases will naturally attract the target market. That is far more likely to sell legal services, rather than expensive ads on social networks.