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Formatting tips to make your law websites more user friendly

April, 14 2017
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Jo Stephens
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Do you know about formatting tips to make law websites stand out? While it is great to post fresh content to your website, proper formatting is important in legal web design. In this post, we will discuss formatting tips to make your website more user-friendly.

The Importance of Headers

The reason that the text above is larger is because of the use of headers. Breaking up your text into headers is great to separate content. No reader wants to see a gigantic wall of text, consider using headers to divide your message into blocks. Here are differences between the main header types.

H1 – This is the largest header available and is usually used for titles.
H2 – This header is often used sparingly, mainly for two to three important points.
H3 – This is the smallest of the three headers. You’ll have more freedom to includes these headings more frequently within your text.

Headers can run smaller than the previously mentioned sizes, this is just a good starting point. It is highly unlikely that you’ll use smaller headers than the H1-H3 types.

Use Bold Text to Make Information Stand Out

One resource that gets forgotten in certain law firm website designs is the use of bold text. Text that is bold can pull a reader’s eyes right to an important piece of information. If you are wanting to inform the reader of certain points, use bold text for important statistics.

In addition, text that is bold can show users what is important right away. Certain readers may need information quickly. Placing important information in bold text gets your point across faster.

Paragraph Structure

You’ve learned about how headers can break up a text. However, having readable paragraphs ensures that your readers make it to those headers, before leaving! There are many guidelines regarding how to properly break up content.

You don’t have to count each word of every paragraph. As a general rule of thumb, try to keep paragraphs no longer than 3-5 sentences. Having nice spaces between your paragraphs makes content far more readable.

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