How can my website help me beat the competition?

Our Premier SEO package include some aggressive and bold strategies to win your placement. The competition is fierce for search engine placement. We take it very seriously and have become industry leaders in our own right.

How do I get a high ranking on Google?

High ranking on a website is achieved by keeping your content fresh, maintaining a high level of back-links, and beating your competition. Our exclusive free SEO Tool can easily provide you with the answers you need.

How do I maximize my SEO potential and Google ranking?

Our SEO Research Tools are exactly what you need to either do the SEO work yourself or gain enough knowledge to make an informed decision about what company you should hire.

How do sites like Twitter/Facebook & YouTube help my business?

Social marketing has become an important component of any marketing strategy. Our marketing team will advise you on the best course of action and train you how to use these free social media tools. You can see our Twitter feed here.

How much does a website cost?

We have packages starting with a low monthly fee and very little activation fees for those on a tight budget. Since our upgrade packages are changing frequently to fit the ever-increasing features of the Internet, call us today at (800) 932-6030 to talk about your lawyers web design needs.

I have a small budget for website design. What can Law Firm Sites, Inc. do for me?

Most companies today have a tight budget. Law Firm Sites can offer discounts, payment plans and cash back for referrals and references. Call us today at (800) 932-6030 to ask us how today.

How do I maintain and update my website?

Using a Content Management System is easy and fast, we can provide you with the means to update yourself, or we would be glad to optimize your site for you.

What does “Go Green” mean for websites?

As Founder of Green Websites we have some great ideas to help decrease the waste of natural resources. Learn more by clicking the link. Simple yet effective.

How much say do I have in deciding what features my website has?

At Law Firm Sites, Inc. we have many agreement packages and you can also customize a package to best suit the expectations and needs for your firm’s website.

I don’t know much about website design. What is the best way to understand new features?

This website from Law Firm Sites, Inc is packed with incredible tools and information to educate you on website design and SEO. When you purchase a website package from us we will train you how to use all the tools and become a self-sufficient website owner.

Free advice and help

We are interested in helping our clients succeed. We always offer free advice and help when they need it most. Our philosophy is by helping our clients  in the short-term, they will stay with us long-term. The success of our company is closely connected to the success of our clients. Call us today for more information.