Family Law Websites: 10 Aspects to Consider when Building

April 23, 2021
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Are you trying to find effective family law marketing ideas for your website? We’ve had years of experience designing and marketing family law websites. 

Here are 10 Tips for your Family Law Website

1. Address Common Questions

When individuals come to your site, there are a couple of reasons for doing so. Sometimes, they’re visiting to hire your specific services and contact you directly, but sometimes they just want a quick answer to a question they have on the subject of family law. Having a place on your legal websites that address these questions is a great way to appeal to what your visitors are looking for, as well as boost your SEO

Here are some ways you can address these questions:

  • Blogs, such as “The Most Common Questions about Child Custody in California”
  • FAQs pages
  • Q&A pages

2. What sets you apart?

You already know that there are plenty of family law firms out there, and your lawyer website can help you distinguish from other firms. Designate a place on your site that highlights your results, your specific focus areas, and your target audience. All of these are ways you can set yourself apart and market to your potential clients.

3. Testimonials and Client Reviews

Individuals and families in need of a lawyer will often look to reviews and testimonials when selecting a firm. With the help of an expert team that specializes in law firm web design, you can include many testimonials right on your website. You’ll want a variety of reviews to show that you’re responsive and understanding. 

4. Full List of Services

While “Family Law Firm” might be clear to some, other potential clients will need a specific list of services to know that you can help them. Here are some common practice areas our family law clients list:

  • Divorce
  • Custody & Visitation
  • Child Support
  • Spousal support
  • Property Division
  • Adoption
  • Prenup/Postnup

You’ll want to make sure these areas are clear, and you can do this by providing this list in multiple areas on your site. Here are some ideas of where you can list these areas:

  • Homepage
  • Drop-down menu
  • A landing page that shows all areas
  • Individuals pages that describe each area

Law Firm Sites can help you research keywords for each area to make sure you’re reaching your top potential for search engine optimization for family law lawyers.

5. How You Can Help

In addition to stating your focus areas within family law, you’ll want to be even more specific about what you offer to clients. What exactly do you do for them? What’s your experience? Are you experienced in mediation, guidance, litigation, or all of the above? You’ll want your website to clearly reflect all of this information.

6. Use images to help promote services

Images are an easy, creative, and fun way to show your potential clients what you stand for and how you can help them. For example, using a variety of images (that describe different practice areas) can showcase your variety of services. Images can also display an emotion that you want to focus on. Perhaps you want to show images of smiling families to help put your clients at ease, or perhaps you want to show images of how tough the process is to acknowledge and validate their reality. 

Images are a great resource if you want to break up the content on your web pages and draw the reader in more. No one likes to see a full web page without any images. And of course, whenever you’re using images, make sure there’s an attached alt tag to help with your site’s accessibility. 

7. Show that you are there for them

Clients looking for family law attorneys are looking for someone they can rely on. Is your website showing that you’re a caring attorney? Consider adding your experience and care in your attorney bio and be sure to include a picture of yourself. When your potential client can see your face, even if it’s only on a computer screen, you’re establishing a bit of trust. 

8. Don’t make it about yourself

While sharing your expertise, education, and qualifications are appropriate for your website, using your website to brag about yourself may not bring the results you want. It’s important to always keep a focus on the client’s needs and concerns–since ultimately it’s them you’re appealing to. 

9. Highlight Powerful Messages

Does your firm have a mission statement, slogan, or motto that helps guide you in your practice? This would be a great element to add to law firm websites. In just a few words or sentences, visitors to your website can see what you stand for. 

10. Contact

Your contact forms and page are perhaps the most important components of your website. If the means to contact your firm is ambiguous, confusing, or faulty–it doesn’t matter how eye-catching the rest of your site is. Make sure your contact forms and pages are easy to see and provide for personalized client attention. 

Law Firm Sites Can Help

If you feel overwhelmed with any or all of the above-mentioned tips for the best family law websites, a website design and SEO company can help you. Contact Law Firm Sites today to get started.

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