Does Facebook really work for businesses?

March 14, 2013
Landing page

With the explosion of social media, businesses everywhere have embraced this technology to experience new ways to engage, develop and maintain clients. Blogging and Twitter are relatively easy to incorporate into a marketing strategy. However, Facebook is a different marketing animal. When well executed by a web design for law firms professional, the features can add much to the marketing efforts of law firms, particularly since there are over 500 million users and counting on Facebook.

Facebook Pages and Groups

The law firm Facebook page allows firms to send updates to followers and to link to those updates in blogs, Twitter and LinkedIn. Groups make it possible for firms to send direct messages to member inboxes. Members of groups can also invite friends which allows for groups to grow quickly. The stronger the Facebook presence is, the more powerful the overall social media profile will become.

Pages and Groups also display wall discussions and allow for new discussion threads to develop. This is both beneficial for announcements and encouraging engagement from the target audience.

Exclusive Facebook Content

The wall, events and other methods are available on Facebook to engage the people who have liked the page. As a marketing tool, fans can be engaged with useful and inventive content that helps to expand the fan base. The more that prospects respond to offers, the better the chance that they will visit the main website and request a consultation.

Engaging Fans

One of the best tactics to use on Facebook is to take the law firm’s content from another source and put a new spin on it. Perhaps publish a teaser that can get people talking. Research forums and other blogs to find out what the concerns are of potential prospects. Then craft useful content that addresses those concerns. The more thoughtful the information presented, the more likely that people will be inspired to follow the firm. In social media it is a numbers game, so anything that can increase followers is beneficial.

Many law firms find that using social media for marketing is a confusing, time consuming and often frustrating process. This is why lawyers often choose to work with a law firms web design professionals. They do not need to spend time second guessing and wasting valuable billable time.

The key to remember when it comes to Facebook is that using it for marketing is an ongoing process that works hand in hand with SEO. There is no silver bullet. The best way to focus efforts is to use logical and technical methods like those used by law firm design experts.