Facebook Landing Pages: How To

March 24, 2014
Landing page

Our Law Firm Sites, Inc. marketing team published earlier in the month some articles discussing the basics of landing pages for attorney websites. In case you didn’t read the articles, a landing page is the first page a visitor will see when he or she clicks on the SEO result, a PPC ad, or another type of online ad for your business. Today’s article will discuss some considerations for specifically, a Facebook landing page.

Match the Content.

People usually reach your Facebook landing page by clicking on an ad. That ad will contain some sort of textual content that enticed them to click on it. Make sure that your landing page content reflects any special deals or guarantees you put on the ad.

Match the Images.

Pictures speak a thousand words, this holds true especially in advertising. If the pictures on your ads don’t match the pictures on your website, visitors may be confused. They might think the link was bad and exit the site. Whether it is a larger scale of the ad picture or simply incorporates your ad picture, they need to reflect each other.

Have an Easy Conversion Pathway.

Limit your navigation options, to prevent visitors from clicking past your landing page. If the desired action on your landing page is for visitors to fill out a contact form or to download an article, make that clear with enticing language. These conversion actions more often lead to sales.

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