Evergreens: The Content Pages

January 04, 2018

The Importance Of Evergreen Content For Your Law Firm Website

You’ve might have heard the term ‘Evergreen’ with regard to internet content or content marketing in general. Evergreen material is important means of establishing your site or content as an authority source, and for establishing long-term traffic. But what does Evergreen mean in this context?
It’s easy to breakdown if you’re familiar with the term on its own. In botany, evergreen generally refers to a plant that retains its green leaves all year around. So in a metaphorical sense, you can determine this to mean the same with evergreen content–content that’s green throughout the year. In terms of content, this means a particular page or article that’s popularity is high throughout the year or years to come.
Evergreen content is necessary for any website’s stability because naturally, content like this is a goldmine for your site. It’s a content stream of traffic that isn’t bound by trends or seasonal peaks. A site with evergreen content will have a traffic-stable site, and the individual evergreen pages will generally become the site’s staple content. Traffic from these pages will spread onto newer or lesser known pages.

So how can you create your own evergreen content?

The key to evergreen content is to have a goal in mind. In the eyes of any search engine like Google, this means content that is helpful, valuable, and of quality to the user. This also means law firm website marketing content that is up-to-date. Generally, focusing on any information that is searched for by thousands to millions of people a year that can be answered or provided by your site’s content has the ability to become evergreen.
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