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Effects of Client Reviews on your Law Firm Website

December, 12 2016
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Jo Stephens
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You’ve put a lot of time and effort into developing your career and your firm, and you understand the importance of strong, well-designed law firm sites. A good website includes a number of components. Including fast loading pages, attractive graphics and clean copy that grabs the attention of site visitors.

One of the most effective additions to your site is positive reviews and testimonials from satisfied clients. Here’s why:

Our Culture is Review Oriented

The success of review sites such as Yelp and e-commerce businesses that incorporate reviews such as Amazon points to the fact that we have become a review oriented culture. When people go online to find products and services, they want to know what other people think.

Reviews Reassure Potential Clients

When someone is searching for a lawyer, there is a good chance that they are dealing with a situation that is giving them some stress. This is true even when your potential client is dealing with a positive situation. Such as, adopting a child or starting a business.

A key aspect of using law firm websites to attract clients is offering site visitors reassurance that they will be taken care of. When site visitors see positive testimonials from other people like them, these visitors are reassured and are more likely to reach out.

Reviews Reduce Website Bounce Rate

One way search engines measure the value of your site is your “bounce rate”. Your bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who find your site but leave after viewing just one page.

When you place segments of reviews on your site and encourage visitors to click on them to read the entire piece, you keep viewers on your site and keep your bounce rate low. This helps your search engine rankings, making it easier for clients to find you online.

Final Word

Using reviews on your site is a simple, straightforward and efficient way of connecting with potential clients. This one strategy not only attracts visitors and keeps them on your site, but it also enhances the lawyer-client relationship.

Law Firm Sites can help you incorporate any and all client reviews on your website. Contact Us Today! @ 800-932-8242.

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