What Makes A Great E-Commerce Site?

Repeat Sales. That is the measure of a great e-commerce site. The next question would be how do you get a customer to come back to your store over and over? For this topic we are going to leave the obvious pricing model out of the equation. What we are left to discuss is the basic elements of an e-commerce site. Our team of e-commerce experts will help your website for lawyers focus on the elements your competition ignores.

Ease of Use

Grandma Margaret or tech geek Stewart may be using your website to purchase a product. Firstly, it should be easy to use for both to use. A technique our developers use to make the site easy to use is big navigation buttons that are not cluttered, side bar items for specific navigation and fast loading pages that have minimal “extra” graphics that don’t pertain to the product at hand.

Overall Design

The general design of a website and shopping cart give a visitor a first impression. Here are two e-commerce websites that sell the same general product and you decide which one you would feel would be a better choice to purchase from:

Site A

      • -OR-

Site B

Site A (Colorado Cases) has current graphics, a side bar to navigate all product categories and has testimonials on the front page. The graphics all apply to what the company sells and it appears the site meets all current website standards. Site B appears to have been built several years ago and it would seem time for a redesign and restructure. Both companies could be equally able to fill orders and high quality products but the impression Colorado Cases gives is very different than the competition.

And finally, click this link to see a site that did not follow the instructions listed above at all. The site actually appears to have thrown all rules of clean and effective design out the window. To each his own.


Merchant Account vs. Pay Pal

A merchant account is basically a portal you purchase to transact credit cards over the web. Most current websites use a merchant account to process credit card payments. The process for acquiring a merchant account does take 3-4 business days and requires an application to be filled out. Only Websites choice for a merchant service provider is Merchant Warehouse who processes all transactions through Authorize.net . Being in business 8 years has taught us that a company that treats their customers right and gives great pricing should get our recommendation.

Pay Pal is another option if a merchant account is not available or cannot be qualified for. The fees are higher overall with Pay Pal and it does not offer as many services as a regular merchant offers but it is safe and secure as well as easy to set up.


SSL (Making Your Transactions & Website Secure)

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer but what does that mean. Purchasing a SSL for your website is a requirement if you have a merchant account to transact credit card payments directly through your site. The SSL encrypts the vital information as it travels across the internet. Purchasing an SSL is very easy to do and can be done through domain registrars. Only Websites handles this task for most clients as programming the SSL to work on your website is required for it to work correctly.

The hosting of a secure website requires a dedicated IP address. This basically means that no other website can share your area on the server.


Current Information

Keeping your products and information current is critical in maintaining repeat business. A CMS or Content Management System allows the customer to update the website with little training. All of the e-commerce websites Only Websites develops has a CMS built into it to allow the customer to maintain control over content and products.

Videos are a great way to demo your product. Uploading your video to YouTube is a fast and free way to distribute your media. The video you upload can be linked directly to your site.

Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are all programs that are designed to keep people informed. The proper use of these social media outlets can make a big difference in repeat business. Ask our marketing professionals how by calling (800) 932-6030.

Only Websites wants to make your e-commerce website both easy to navigate and inviting to the customer. Making the transactions easy and quick will ensure repeat customers. In addition, keeping the content fresh and current will ensure they tell their friends about the experience. Finally, our team of e-commerce experts can walk you through every step of the process and will help ensure your site is built for to generate revenue and customer loyalty.