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Don’t Hit the Snooze Button! 5 Wake Up Calls that Your Site Needs Attention!

December, 28 2017
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Jo Stephens
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A legal website needs to look professional without being mundane or outdated. Nearly everyone uses the Internet to find lawyers nowadays; however, they are more impressed by newer, more attractive websites. Here are 5 signs that you should work on improving your law web design.

1. Stock Photos

The stock photos that you use are professional and interesting. However, you see the same photo pop up on dozens of other sites. Be more original with the photography that you use and consider making your own.

2. Small Font

Few web designers realize how small effects have significant impacts on a law website. Many people have vision problems and cannot read small font. When they land on a page with small font, they immediately go to another page. On each page, make the font as large as possible and use less text in general.

3. High Bounce Rate

Analyze the number of people who visit the site and leave immediately, also known as the bounce rate. A high rate shows that you could improve the landing pages. Work to keep the percentage below 50%.

4. Outdated Blog

Few people are interested in a legal blog with decades-old content. Each week, update your blog with new, interesting material. Include SEO content that helps you to increase the page rankings and rank higher for certain keywords in the search engines.

5. Mundane Web Design

You will not attract new clients with old, mundane features that have existed for years. Design your website for people who learn visually through videos and imagery. Change the style and format of your law firm website frequently. Work with companies like Law Firm Sites to make an upgrade every year.Find a company that specializes in web design and marketing for attorney websites. Law Firm Sites work to remove outdated features from your site and upgrade every aspect from the headlines to the content. Improve your standing as a legal professional when you work on improving on the site.
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