Differences Between a Mobile Site & a Mobile Responsive Site

October 03, 2017

There’s two different methods that will help law firms sites show up correctly when a person is using a smaller browser on their tablet or smartphone. A website can be coded as a mobile site or a site that has a responsive web design for law firms. There are differences that make one of the options more attractive than the other.

Rendering Experience

When responsive web design for law firms is used in the code, law firm sites look great on all types of browsers. A responsive design tells each browser how a website should appear. The browser deciphers the code to make it correctly appear for a person who is using a PC, tablet or mobile phone. A mobile site is specifically created to work on a browser that is on a device with a smaller screen. That’s fine if a website owner wants to give a unique experience to their mobile users. However, that’s typically not the case. Using a responsive design is probably the best choice.

One Domain Or Two

Only one site needs to be created when a responsive design is used. A whole other domain is required if a business wants to create a separate mobile site. Search engine optimization is stronger for a website that stays with a responsive design. It will actually dilute the domain of a business if they choose to create a mobile site. Also, it means that they will also have to manage a mobile site in addition to their main website.

The Power Of Links

By using a responsive design in the code of law firm sites, it does not hurt any power of the links for those websites. In contrast, link equity can be lost when it’s being split between two separate sites. Once again, a responsive design is a much better choice for an attorney who has their own website.

Preparing For The Future

When responsive website design for attorneys lawfirmsites.com is used, it prepares a legal firm’s site for the future. There’s no need to rework the site and try to stay up to date with the next generation of mobile phones. A responsive design will ensure that an attorney’s site is prepared for the future.

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