How many websites are currently on the Internet? According to there are currently over 266 million. That is a staggering number that just keeps growing daily. The market for law firm website design and SEO sales are growing despite any market condition. Why? Because using a website to sell or promote a product is the most cost effective method of ensuring a business is a success. Tracking marketing campaigns through a website using built in stat reporting features makes tracking marketing dollars an accurate science.

With the amount of attorney website designers on the internet today people need something a little more. Trust is a factor when it comes to dropping thousands on a website and SEO. People in general will trust a trained professional they can meet with better than a stranger over the internet. Sales increase when there are handshakes and contracts are signed in person.

Be the Right Fit

Becoming a website consultant is not for everyone. It takes a certain type of personality to be an independent consultant. The most difficult part for people is having the faith in themselves and the system they are using. If you are interested- Only Websites will train you thoroughly, provide a personal mentor, give you sales leads until you have your consultancy generating on its own, provide software to track your clients and keep in contact with them and give your clients the best website experience possible.

When you have completed the initial training the education is not over. Each week we have a closed seminar for all consultants through the web. We believe that the more you are trained on the latest website design techniques, search engine optimization strategies and selling methods the better consultant you will be for your clients and the more confident you will be in front of them.

If you are interested please call John Haddock at (800) 932-6030 for an application and qualification information.