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Consider Community Outreach and Services at your Law Firm

December, 16 2020
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Jo Stephens
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Consider Community Outreach and Services at your Law Firm

It’s more important now than ever to show support for your local communities. In addition to aiding your community, showing support can also help your business, as customers appreciate when businesses help their community in some way. 

Happy Customers

Customers and potential customers respect when you show support for local communities or charities. People are willing to travel further and pay more if they can see your support. Your support for communities shows customers that you’re trustworthy and reliable. 

Happy Employees

Supporting your community and charities not only builds better trust in customers but also builds better trust in your employees. Staff morale, satisfaction, and pride will actually increase as well. 

Especially if you involve your employees in community outreach and support, your firm’s good deeds will create a more positive work environment and engagement from those you employ. 

How to Get Involved with your Community

There are plenty of ways you can get locally involved, here are some ideas: 

  • Provide Financial Support or Donations
  • Provide Goods & Services
  • Give of Time and Consultations
  • Volunteer – Firm or Individual

Here are some additional ideas:


Mentor services, internships, guest speaking, scholarships, host events, special promotions, giveaways, contests, free services, discounts


Build partnerships; serve on a community board; create or help with community events; work with your local chamber of commerce; promote other local businesses; donate food, services, or money; volunteer your time at charities, non-profits, or local churches


Sporting leagues, fairs, tournaments, farmer’s market, community events

Say Thank You to:

First responders, hospitals, essential workers, grocery stores, other community service providers

Good Deeds Matter

If you are currently engaged in community involvement, we encourage you to highlight the ways the firm as a whole or individuals are serving. 

Highlighting these services and involvement provide opportunities to add external links to trusted websites and backlinks from trusted sources back to your site in order to build your law firm marketing. Google also encourages community involvement – they want to connect people, companies, and businesses to each other for a great user experience.

Our next SEO Suggestion blog describes how you can add community outreach to your website. 

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