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Mobile responsive
August, 31 2021

Mobile Websites for Lawyers: What You Should Know (2022)

If you plan on attracting and keeping a growing audience for your lawyer website, mobile devices need to be a…

color scheme
August, 23 2021

What Are The Best Colors For A Legal Website?

When designing a website, it’s crucial to know which colors to use (and which colors not to use). You cannot…

September, 27 2019

Should You Consider a Black and White Website Design?

Website design can seem like an impossible puzzle to solve. If you get it wrong, it can seriously damage the…

September, 20 2019

5 Things to Review On Your Website

Websites for law firms should convey a sense of trustworthiness that is sometimes hard to achieve. If you want to…

online security
September, 13 2019

SSL Certificate Explained

If you’re new to owning a website, you might not realize that on top of a domain, hosting, design, and…

review website
August, 30 2019

Things to Review On Your Website

What kind of things should a person consider when they are looking at their law firm website design? Is that…

website transfers
August, 14 2019

The Fundamentals of Website Transfers

Websites for law firms abound in this day and age. Competition is pretty fierce as well. If you’re in charge…

May, 04 2015

Google Analytics: The 1-Minute Breakdown

Are you clueless about what Google Analytics is or what it does? Think you have no time to find out?…

August, 03 2006

Using the Contributor

As you know, it is the policy of lawfirmsites to obtain all assets, resources, and information from a client law…

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