Building the Website for Your Brand

December 30, 2013

At Law Firm Sites, Inc. we keep on top of all things business image. Our goal is to create the best website for your current needs and your future goals. An aspect of that includes creating the best attorney website design to complement your brand. Our law firm web designers also specialize in branding and creating original logos, so we use that aesthetic knowledge to create the website that best complements the brand and image that you want people to recognize and associate with your firm.

Every company, no matter the size should strive to create a brand that represents to the public what they value and what they are. Here are some easy tips we follow when designing brands and websites.

“Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication.” –Leonardo Da Vinci

Humans find simplicity aesthetically beautiful, therefore we design like humans! Simplicity and minimalism keeps things easy and effective for you and your customers.

Build a Website For Your Customers, Not Yourself.

It is always a good idea to let your customers know whom they are working with, but there is no need to write blog after blog about the company retreat and the employee of the week. Instead, focus on writing content that interests and builds your customer-base. Use your website for business branding, not personal branding.

Impressions: First and Forever After

Use your brand to make a sophisticated and lasting impression. Trust is built on first impressions, so create a logo that is simple and honest—captures what your brand stands for. After the brand hooks your customers, keep them coming back by developing thoughtful, relevant and interesting content. “You’ll need to persuade, motivate, inspire and captivate your audience,” according to Abhishek Agarwal of Rightway Solutions. Keep those things in mind when writing your content and creating your brand.

Law Firm Sites, Inc. is dedicated to creating intelligent and effective websites for lawyers and law firms. For more questions about our attorney branding, SEO marketing and other services, click here or call us today at (800) 932-8242.