Blogging: What Should You Write About?

November 06, 2017

Attorney website marketing can sometimes feel like a dark hole. You aren’t sure what to do or how to do it. The top lawyer websites utilize blogs for their marketing, and this is an excellent avenue for you to explore.

Reasons to blog

You should blog for several reasons:

  • It indicates that your firm is active and thriving
  • It provides your visitors with recent and updated information without redoing the whole site
  • Blogs increase traffic to websites, and increased traffic means more clients

Topics to blog about

Just like any blog, yours needs to be relevant. Content for lawyer websites should be related to the kind of law you practice.

Family law should be about custody, divorce, visitation, child support, etc. and could include things like changes to the law, facts and statistics related to those topics, or recent major decisions that could impact future cases.

Accident and injury attorneys should blog about dealing with insurance, how and why to sue, and other accident and injury related matters.

Keywords matter

When you’re blogging, it’s important to use the right keywords. The best content contains words that your potential clients will be searching for. The keywords also need to be sprinkled throughout the content naturally. So, that it looks relaxed and easy—not forced and begging for attention.

How we can help

Law Firm Sites can help with website design or redesign, blog creation, and determining the best topics for you to cover. We can help you create quality content that is rich with keywords without looking like it was mass-produced, repackaged or mundane content. It will be unique and specific to your firm, and indicate to potential clients that you are knowledgeable, relevant, and ready to work hard on their case.

Law Firm Sites offers a variety of services to meet your website and digital marketing needs. Finally, all we need is you.