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Blogging in the business world. What’s the purpose?

June, 19 2013
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Jo Stephens

Most people would say that the main purpose of business blogging is to get new customers. However, while it is true that the reason for a business is to gain more of the market share, the goal of a blog is to engage an audience in order to inspire them to connect with the company. This is why the texture and flavor of a blog is so important. It isn’t about selling. In fact, it’s about selling without selling.

Law Firms Website Design

A decade ago, it was relatively easy to build a website that helped to attract new customers or clients. However, building any company’s website these days needs to include a much wider variety of blended methods in order for it to be effective. This includes developing a modern, cohesive and integrated SEO marketing strategy.

Developing the Brand

Because the brand is basically the business, branding is an essential aspect of law firm design strategies. Before a site will ever attract a high level of targeted traffic, it must be developed to draw in the most desirable consumer market effortlessly. The best way to accomplish this is by using inbound marketing strategies. These are designed to entice the audience without engaging in obvious sales tactics. One of the more effective ways to accomplish this is by providing solutions and suggestions in a blog for consumers looking for a solution.

Search Engine Results

Search engines respond best to current, quality content. This is why businesses use blogs to provide up to date, relevant and interesting information. These blogs are also user and search engine friendly. Through well developed blog content, it is easier for prospective clients looking for answers. Also, to be made aware products and services a firm offers. This is why law firm design incorporates publishing to a blog as one of the easiest and most consistent ways to keep their name before the public.

The more consistently a law firms website posts to its blog with information that the public truly cares about, the more likely that search engines will feature that blog at the top of its result pages. What this means for businesses is that higher web traffic generally leads to more conversions.

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