Biggest Web Design Mistakes- Law Firm Web Design

February 13, 2013

Having a professional law firm web design can bring in more clients, improve business, and make things easier on you. However, a bad web design can do a lot of harm. At our law firm web design firm, we have seen new clients come in wanting to redesign their website.

Here are some of the biggest mistakes we have seen in law firm web design:

Over design

As tempting as it may be, using extravagant graphics, flash animations and fancy colors can actually drive away potential clients and reduce your ranking on search engines.  These items are not regarded in search engine indexes, so if you are using them as titles with important keywords, you are wasting time.  Also, they increase the overall page size; this can cause a lag in page load and cause potential issues in different browsers and viewing sizes.  Most of these types of graphics are low-quality, giving your law firm web design a less then professional appearance.

Improper content presentation

If a potential client cannot scan your  law firm’s website and determine the purpose of your business within a few moments, you have a poor web design.  Make sure that everything from titles to content is relevant to your business.  Overloading the client with too much information can drive them towards other sources.

Too personal

Do not believe that people genuinely care  intensely about you and your website.  The “about” section on many pages is over worked and given too much of a priority.  Keep this page simple and provide background on only relevant, professional experiences.  Your law firm web design should not make your life easier; it should focus on making the clients life easier and finding solutions to their problems.  It should be easier for your client to find service information than learning about the personal lives of your staff.

Outdated information
Leaving content on the page that is no longer relevant can not only frustrate clients, it reduces your rank on search engine pages.  If a client see’s content with dates from many years ago, they may be frustrated trying to determine which information is current and relevant.  They may also question whether or not your company is still in business. A proper law firm web design ensures you can update information regularly and easily.