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The Benefits of Blogging Once a Week

October, 26 2017
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Jo Stephens

The Benefits of Blogging Once a Week

If you will engage in any kind of digital marketing campaign, you will need to create messages that flow through your vertical funnel. Some messages will be intended to make direct advertising or marketing ploys. While others will merely serve to educate the audience and create a general awareness of your brand. We have found that blogging at least once a week will help Law Firm Sites to build informative content on their blogs for the best attorney websites. As well as keep attracting the attention of the search engines.

The key is that the search engines like Google and Bing will only give your blog a higher page rank in their results lists if you have factual content. That means it isn’t stuffed with keywords. What’s more, they will look at what other sites are linking to your blog. They will see this as an indicator of your firm’s general credibility.

Blogging Increases Success in Online Marketing for Lawyers

We thought about how you could use professionals in legal web design to create a site that generates leads for you. They set up the blog to focus on the keywords for which you want to increase page rank. These keywords are included in your weekly blog content. The blog is the place where you post content about topics related to potential clients. A DUI lawyer might have blogs including tips that help people to collect the facts in their case. Or, they might recount local news stories for people who won their cases after being wrongly accused of a crime.

Law Firm Sites Aren’t All the Same: The Best Attorney Websites

Some sites will contain blog content that looks like it was repackaged or created by a massive content service. These may be rich in keywords, such as geographical search terms like Boston lawyer, but the best attorney websites have unique content. They are written by authors who have reviewed the practices of a particular firm and understood its audience. When you blog once a week, you are keeping the site updated with new content, and this is telling the search engines that your company is active. Weekly blog posts also serve as regular reinforcers to target audiences. Blogs are easy to write or to outsource, depending on what you want them to say.

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