Beginners Guide to SEO

November 27, 2013

There are a lot of companies, organizations and individuals vying for the customer’s attention, so we thought it would be important for our clients to understand how we give our law firm websites an edge over the competition. Many people have heard of Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. But, we want to explain what exactly SEO is.

Search Engine Optimization Defined

SEO is the process of affecting the visibility of a website in a search engine’s, like Google or Bing, search results lists. In layman’s terms, SEO work pushes a website closer to the top or the front page of an “organic” or un-paid search list. As an Internet marketing strategy, SEO employs the knowledge of search engine indexing techniques and what people search for. Specifically the keywords typed into search engines.

At Law Firm Sites, Inc., our dedicated Search Engine Optimization research and content team optimize our attorney website designs by editing text content to including linked keywords and editing HTML code to increase and remove barriers to search engine indexing. There are two different kinds of keyword links. Backlinks are the hyperlinks within the content of site that link a different website. Whereas, inbound links are hyperlinks within text content that simply link to a different page of the same website. A good amount of both types of links help the search engine’s “spiders” to “crawl” that page and determine the ranking based on the number of links, both inbound and back links.

The law firm web designs built by Law Firm Sites, Inc. are built with basic SEO packages installed. Some clients also upgrade for additional SEO services. Then our team works one-on-one with the law firm to create the best keyword list and the best content. Our SEO practices are always cutting edge and up-to-date with the latest Google search techniques.

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