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11 Best Bankruptcy Lawyer Website Designs

December, 20 2022
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Jo Stephens
Bankruptcy Lawyer

You might have an amazing online marketing strategy (through things like SEO and PPC), but if you don’t have a great website design, potential bankruptcy clients might leave before doing anything else. The design makes all the difference when it comes to online marketing. Here are some of our favorite bankruptcy lawyer website designs over the years.

Best Bankruptcy Lawyer Web Designs

The Hanchett Law Firm

bankruptcy lawyer website design

Jones Gotcher

law firm website design

Cressman Law

Bankruptcy Attorney Website Design

Spector & Ehrenworth

Bankruptcy Law Web Design

Reimer Law

Bankruptcy Website Design

Robbins DiMonte

Bankruptcy Lawyer Web Design

Alta Legal

Bankruptcy Lawyer Website Design

Henry & McCord

bankruptcy law website

Hoole & King

Bankruptcy Attorney Web Design

Tomei Law

Bankruptcy Lawyer Website Design

Jones & Keller

Bankruptcy Lawyer Web Design

What makes a good bankruptcy lawyer website design?

Great design is so important to landing more leads online, but what actually makes a website design look great?

Here are three things to keep in mind when you design your bankruptcy website:

Keep it Professional

Nothing turns a potential client away faster than a blurry image or confusing navigation. While getting overly creative or entertaining with your design might be tempting, it’s better to keep it simple and professional.

Make sure that all of your images (especially of your office and team) are taken with a high-quality camera and an experienced photographer. The photography will make or break the design.

You’ll also want to ensure that the interior pages are easily accessible from the homepage. A good way to test this is to have a friend try to navigate through the website. Do they have a hard time finding certain pages? Can they clearly see where the links are?

Keep a Consistent Brand

Keeping a brand and brand identity consistent will help users remember your firm better. Try to stick to a limited color palette and only use a couple of fonts. As you keep your consistent brand identity through your bankruptcy attorney marketing, your firm will appear more credible and professional.

Showcase Your Authority and Build Trust

No matter how “nice” your website design looks, you shouldn’t forget the importance of social proof in your marketing. 

Do you have amazing client testimonials? Feature them. The same goes for awards, recognitions, degrees, partnerships, events, and case results. These can help convince users that they should hire you for their bankruptcy needs. 

Experienced Bankruptcy Attorney Website Designers

Are you in need of a new website or a website redesign? The team at Law Firm Sites has worked with bankruptcy lawyers for over 20 years. Contact us today and see if we are a good fit for your firm. 

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