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Bad Reviews? How to Handle Them

October, 30 2017
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Jo Stephens

No matter how good a lawyer you are, you will eventually get a bad review. A client will be unhappy with your work or, more likely, unhappy with the verdict. While this is not your fault, it’s still something with which you must deal. Failure to address bad reviews can torpedo your law firm marketing plans and hurt your career. Law Firm Sites has a few key pieces of advice for what you should do when bad reviews pop up.

Address the Bad Reviews

First and foremost, you must address the reviews. When you went through the process of law firm website design, you likely added a review section on your site. If you’re not already using it for correspondence, the time to start is now. Figure out what’s gone wrong for the client and try to address it. At the very least, make sure to leave a professional comment so that others know that there is more than one side to the story.

Do a Little Burying

Next, you’ll want to start making sure that the comment is buried beneath more positive news. This is the core of online reputation management and something with which you may need help. Remember to follow the law firm website design tips that you’ve already learned to make sure your own site gets to the top. Once that’s done, you might want to start blogging on other sites or making press releases about your work. This should help to push down the negative review.

Positive Reviews to Add Balance

Finally, you’ll want to get positive reviews to balance out the negative review. Make sure you solicit reviews from your clients in a professional manner. If the bulk of your reviews are negative, you may not be asking the right people for help. Put in a little extra effort to make sure that your satisfied clients are the ones who are leaving information. Make this part of your law firm online marketing plan.

Contact Us

A negative review doesn’t have to impact your practice forever. It will take work to overcome, but it can be done. If you need more help with your firm’s marketing, though, make sure to contact Law Firm Sites.

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