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Backlinks Guide for Lawyers

July, 07 2022
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backlinks for lawyers

At If your law firm is working on an SEO strategy, you already know that backlinks for lawyers are super important to the website’s success.

Moz explains backlinks in a great way, saying that backlinks “represent a vote of confidence from one site to another.” It basically tells Google and users that your content and services can be trusted.

What is a Backlink?

A backlink is created when one website links to another website.

what is a backlink

Backlinks for lawyers should come from reputable websites–not just any link will do. You need to look at the quality of links just as much, if not more, than the quantity. They’re important because they help to build the attorney’s online authority score, which is a representation of the firm’s reputation.

Moz’s “Domain Authority” and “Page Authority” scores for domains are a really easy way to determine the quality of a link–especially for beginners.

Tips for Getting Backlinks for Lawyers

It takes time and effort to build up backlinks for a website. Backlinks for lawyers are a little easier to get than some other websites because of the prevalence of opportunities to discuss legal matters. However, finding these opportunities can sometimes be challenging, so it’s best to turn to professionals for help finding link building for law firms.

Link building for law firms can come in many forms. Some of the most common methods for building backlinks include the following:

Create Guest Blogs

Writing guest blog posts is a great way to get backlinks for lawyers.

Here’s how it works: find a website that takes guest posts (preferably a website that’s relevant to your industry), and send your pitch for a blog. Once they publish your blog, you can get a nice backlink out of it.

Pro Tip: Before you write your guest post, make sure that you will get a link back–some websites won’t allow for that.

It can take a considerable amount of time for a law firm to go through various websites to determine which ones have guest blog opportunities and whether they’re a good fit for the firm’s style and content.

Become a Great Source

Another way to get backlinks for lawyers is to become known as a great source of information. Make sure everything that’s on your website provides factual and important information for your readers, and try to include top lawyer SEO keywords naturally in your content so the search engines will rank you higher.

Your overall marketing plan and online exposure can help you to be viewed as a great source of information. This isn’t going to happen instantly because the firm’s authority score will take time to build. Taking the time to let readers see that you’re a great source is beneficial.

Offer Quotes for Citations

News stations and newspapers often need quotes for articles and stories. Offer to give opinions and feedback on stories that match your area of expertise (make sure you receive attribution for the information you provide).

Backlinks for lawyers that show in news stories can be valuable for more than just the online authority score. Reporters often have their choice of lawyers and firms to talk to about a case, so people will automatically associate you with being the best if you’re able to have the reporters from a local, state, or national news agency contact you for a story.

When a news station cites you or your firm, readers in the area may make note of what area your firm represents so they can contact you if they need your services. Even if they don’t remember the name of the firm or attorney, they may recognize the information when they do an online search for an attorney.

Provide High-Quality Content

Creating highly specialized pages on the areas that your firm handles can help your website get backlinks from being a great source. Try to create information-dense pages that are user-friendly.

Infographics, subheaders, tables, and bullet points are all ways that you can make important information stand out.

When readers know they can come to your website for comprehensive information about a subject, they’re going to think of your firm as being more reputable. This can mean they contact you when they need legal assistance. They may also be able to pick your website out of the pages of results that come up when they search for an attorney in your specialty within your firm’s geographic reach.

The information-dense pages that you create for your website also provide people with opportunities to link back to your website.

Here’s a helpful video from Ahrefs explaining how to create content that attacks backlinks:

An important component of these information-dense pages is having outbound links to reputable websites (links from you to another website). You will likely only need a couple per page. Having those in place, however, also helps the reputation of the post.

Think of it this way, would you be more likely to trust an academic paper that has pages of references at the end, or one that has no references at all? Backlinks for lawyers can provide the same effect.

Remember that the links you provide on your website are votes of confidence for the websites that the links point to. Make sure that you’re only linking out to websites you’d want your clients to use.

Here are some ideas of places that you can link to:

  • Government websites when you mention a statute, code, or law.
  • Education websites and professional association websites are also valuable websites to link to. They’re known for being reputable and reliable.

If you wouldn’t use the website in your own research, don’t send your readers there.

More Ideas for Link Building

Do you still need more ideas to get links? Here are some more tried and true ways to do it:

  1. Get a link from Alumni lists and directories
  2. Build relationships with colleagues (online and offline)
  3. Get listed on a blog directory
  4. Contribute to Crowdsourced Posts
  5. Create Skyscraper content
  6. Do the Broken Link Building Method
  7. Donate to Charities
  8. Get put on lists!
  9. Sponsor Events

Get Help From the Professionals

Many lawyers are too busy taking care of their clients to worry about law firm SEO and link building for lawyers.

Unlike many other SEO companies, Law Firm Sites works exclusively with attorneys to improve their online presence. We focus on a well-rounded comprehensive strategy to help your law firm get more cases. Our company has more than 20 years of experience working with attorneys who want to turn traffic into cases.

The sooner you get started with building your online presence, the sooner you can reap the benefit of more cases. This enables you to maximize the return on investment of your marketing budget. At Law Firm Sites, we can take care of law firm SEO and link building.

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