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ADA Compliance: How to Make Sure Your Site Fits

November, 06 2017
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Jo Stephens
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What is ADA Compliance?

The Americans with Disabilities Act aims to protect disabled individuals against discrimination. The act applies to online platforms such as law firm sites. Therefore, a modern law firm website design needs to adhere to guidelines such as those governing public places for compliance.

How to Make Sure Your Site Complies

Your site should offer easy access to any web visitor. That includes access through the available devices such as mobile phones. These steps will help you ensure your site is compliant.

  • Find a web agency that can relate to the platform you use and inquire about how their features address accessibility to your site. You can then scrutinize the agencies to evaluate their experience with web accessibility.
  • Browse through your site using the tools available to identify areas that do not meet accessibility standards for ADA compliance. That will help you with an overview of what’s missing. A modern law firm website design should incorporate proper coding practices by using reputable platforms.
  • Identify the level of work for compliance to understand where your site lies in matters compliance. You can start on more critical areas and address the rest later for full compliance.
  • Implement the changes including placing images with a description box to ensure the information is accessible to those that may not see the picture. Such information can be in text or audio.
  • As time goes by, compliance standards will evolve. Ensure you stay up-to-date with your website. For example, loading images will require alternative text or audio to explain the same.

What Law Firm Sites Can Do to Ensure ADA Compliance

  • Ensure the site is perceivable by providing text alternatives for images. Also by making it easier for users to see and read content freely.
  • Ensure the site is operable by making functionality available from a keyboard and giving users ample time to read through the content.
  • Great lawyer websites should be understandable by providing easy to read and understand content free from errors.
  • Also, the site should be robust by increasing compatibility with modern user tools.
  • Furthermore, internet advertising for lawyers should avoid comparing services from other attorneys.
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