Law Firm Sites, Inc started in Honolulu, HI in 2001 by Daniel Todd. Since that time, we have built over 4,000 law website designs for clients such as Stephen Jones, Wagner Law Firm & ESPN. Our company started with the philosophy of giving potential clients a preview of their site before they paid. Daniel Todd continues to speak at conferences from Bermuda to Beverly Hills on search engine marketing and elements of website design.

Our Staff

trainingLaw Firm Sites has a staff of over 40 project managers, developers, sales professionals, programmers, graphic artists, marketing specialists, flash animation experts and support staff. Our staff understands the needs of our clients. We focus on building a relationship with them based on clear communication, honesty and understanding.

Every week, we have ongoing training and education on search engine optimization, standards of lawyers web design and trends, as well as programming training to help each staff member better understand the needs of the client. We also train our staff on being bold and upfront with advice and counsel. Our staff members are not afraid to tell a client suggestions made on design or marketing will not work. However, they explain why and give alternate solutions.

We maintain an environment where making every lawyers web design a success is a measuring stick to our own success. Our satisfaction is dependent on the level of our client’s satisfaction.


Mission Statement

The success of our company is directly connected to the success of our clients. Our clients many times will not have a full technical understanding of websites and search engine optimization but they should always be informed, understand the direction of the project and feel they can ask questions on any level of understanding. Our mission is to give clients more than they paid for. As well as always meeting agreed upon deadlines for development and results.