Why Choose Law Firm Sites?

Our goal is not to build you a stunning website and then wash our hands of it.

Our Steps to Success

  • Create

    Our team of website designers create stunning results that produce the "wow" factor needed to turn visitors into loyal customers.

  • Elevate

    We identify the components needed to craft a superior website—one that will stand out among the rest and inspire clients to use your services.

  • Automate

    You're busy; we can help. From managing your emails, leads, and contacts to streamlining your information and everything in between.

  • Demonstrate

    Once your new website is unveiled, our ongoing support and outstanding service will confirm that you made the right choice!

Law Web Design & Marketing since 2001

Our company only builds law firm websites. It is our passion. We start with the front page and get it perfected. Once that is done, the rest is downhill. We will do it all for you.

  • We discuss with you what you like and the style of site you are looking for. If you want, we can even just build without any input so you have a completely fresh approach to your design.

  • In 24-48 hours we email you the link to the custom design we created for you.

  • We schedule an appointment to communicate via email what you like or don't like. We keep building until you love it.

  • You only pay if you like what our team created for you. The design and all work is without obligation or commitment. We feel your trust must be earned.

What Our Clients Say

"Today when I search the web for www.theharperlawfirm.com, the entire Google page #1 screen fills up with good information all about me! It is just amazing to me! The entire Google page! Pretty cool and powerful stuff there Daniel! Thanks again for all you have done."

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Charles Harper

Harper Law

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