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7 Ways to Help Your Conversion Rates

January, 04 2018
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Jo Stephens
Once you have traffic to your website, you need to focus on your conversion rate. Here are 7 tips for increasing your website’s conversions.

1. The Use of Action Words

People are more likely to take action if they are encouraged. On your web pages, include action verbs and adjectives that encourage people to visit other pages. Require them to look at certain information that’s only found on other pages.

2. Short Landing Pages

Keep your landing pages as short and concise as possible. Most people do not want to be bombarded with information, even on sites they don’t know. Law Firm Sites design landing pages for visitors who have less time to read.

3. Headlines

Focus on improving your pages’ headlines from the start. The headlines catch people’s attention if the content does not. Be more willing to change the font or size to make the design bolder.

4. Multimedia

Multimedia is essential for web designers who specialize in law firm marketing. There are countless images and streaming videos found on sites where people read information. Add one or two multimedia features without having to bombard the site with sounds and videos.

5. Clear Messages

In addition to being concise, be clear and straightforward in your messages. State the purpose of the website in the first two sentences on the homepage. Then, state the benefits and features of the services that you provide.

6. Reduce the Number of Pages

Only add beneficial information to a law marketing site. Remove excessive headlines, pages and folders. Every site has pages that take up space and do not affect conversion rates.

7. Monitor the Conversions

Get software that accurately monitors your conversion rates. Keep your rate at a specific number or percentage. Without monitoring, the efforts that you make to convert customers are useless.Find a company that prepares you for more conversions and fewer disappointments. Make better use of SEO techniques and software to increase your success in lawyer advertising. Law Firm Sites include Web designers and consultants who are experts in attorney marketing.
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