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7 Ways Blogging Helps Your Site

January, 15 2018
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Jo Stephens

If you’re a lawyer, having a website is indispensable to your practice. But while most sites who use marketing for law firms use content to simply list a picture and a few services, there are several good reasons why you should implement a blog as well, even if it’s written by someone else.

1. Creates Passive Traffic

The biggest reason to establish a blog is to create organic traffic that comes to your site without having to pay for it or send out hundreds of link requests. By using keyword-rich posts on relevant topics, people will naturally find your site. It’s one of the most effective forms of attorney marketing there is.

2. Establish Yourself as an Authority

I don’t know how many law firms are in your city or county, but I can count at least ten off the top of my head. How is the average visitor supposed to know which to choose? If you have a well-established blog with content that solves needs, people will not only seek you out for advice but may contract your services when they need it as well.

3. Save You Time

Chances are, you get a lot of phone calls from people simply wanting off-the-cuff advice. While this may be innocent enough, it can be an incredible waste of time for your paralegals and secretaries to constantly funnel questions to you. Establish a blog and give them the answers ahead of time.

4. Announce Awards

Marketing for law firms includes establishing yourself as an authority. And, if your firm has won awards for various reasons, a blog can be a great way to announce how you stand a cut above the rest. It’s passive, it’s non-arrogant, and it’s effective.

5. Establish Your Niche

Even most general lawyers have a specialty of some kind: divorce, accidents, business, etc. Having a blog defines what your specific niche is and how you can help.

6. Give You Something To Promote

Most marketing for law firms stops at advertising your services, but law firm sites that emphasize their content perform much better at establishing a client base that genuinely needs them.

7. Engage With Your Readers

Attorney marketing is notoriously high-brow. This means it can be intimidating to try and bring the complex legal advice to the average consumer levels. By having a blog that incorporates graphics, Q&A’s, and more, you make yourself relatable, which means people feel more comfortable calling you in times of crisis.

Law Firm Sites can help you improve and flesh out a great marketing strategy. Reach out to them today and see how they can help you!

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