5 Tips to Finding the Right Keywords for Your Website

November 21, 2016

Whether you’re a divorce attorney or a lawyer specializing in car accidents, you need to bring traffic to your website to get clients. It’s as vital as including your advertisement in the Yellow Pages was 10 years ago. You’ll need to figure out the best keywords for your industry, which can be the hardest part of the process. Websites for law firms thrive when they have the right keywords.


This is a surprising place where you can find keywords for your specialization. When you search for your specialty, you can see all the word choices that link to your specialization. That’ll help you move forward with narrowing down your potential keywords with the next suggestions on this list.

Google Search

After typing a search term into Google, you can see more suggestions at the bottom of the page. This can help you choose the popular keywords in your space. For example, if you type in car accident personal injury lawyer, Google might have other suggestions at the bottom of related topics like “What to do after a car accident?” or “car accident lawyer” with a nearby city in the results.

Google Keyword Planner

While this tool doesn’t work as well as it used to for finding keywords, it can still give you some ideas of keywords and topics that are popular in your specialization. It’s free as long as you have a Google account.


With this tool, you can find a popular website in your specialization or niche and analyze its traffic and keywords, which you can use for your own website. That doesn’t mean copy their content, but they don’t own the keywords.

Google Trends

Since Google is such a giant in the SEO space; it’s not hard to imagine that they have tons of tools to help. With Google Trends, you can choose a popular keyword or topic based on what people are searching for when they visit the search engine.

Overall, these are some general ideas to start your keyword search. It can be incredibly frustrating and time-consuming to find the right SEO for your law firm, so it makes sense to hire Law Firm Sites to find the keywords that best represent you and your firm and spearhead your SEO efforts.